• 1) how much is a " 2 days for the prince of one ticket "?
    2) how much is a <<VIP experience >> ticket ? why is it so expensive ? what is so special ?
    3) blockbusters or TV were shot here . find the list and say which ones you have seen .
    4) where can children take a photo of shrek ?
    5) read the list of attractions . say which rides you would like to try ( or not at all ) , explain why
    6) explain briefly what the " studio tour " is about
    7) you're planning your visit on march 15 th . what time does the park open and what time does it close
    8) now go back to the list of blockbusters and find 5 examples of non-equivalent translations of the titles .

    tableau : 2 collones 1ere colone : ENGLISH TITLE
    7lignes EX :house

    2 émé collone : TITLE IN FRANCE
    EX : dr house

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